At Griddy, we offer sweet and savoury waffles artfully crafted to be visual and gastronomic delights as well as an international cuisine that will take customers around the world with a menu that is constantly refreshed every few months.

The waffle is known as ‘grid-cake’ in some countries, and from this, we coined the word ‘Griddy’ – a playful twist to the word kept to two syllables – purposefully created to catch on quickly and achieve a top-of-the-mind recall among our target market of youths and young executives.

Griddy’s logo is a marriage of two elements: the letter ‘G’ and a waffle. This bespoke design is meant to project a fun, casual feel with a touch of creativity and sophistication reflective of the brand’s character.

Our signature sweet and savoury creations are made under the watchful eye of our head chef, will certainly satisfy even the most discerning food connoisseurs while going easy on the wallet.